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  1. 'the business' online performance and a publication documenting the performance. Online performance was an attempt to dissaminate a text via publishing it on the online platforms that allowed for that input, e.g. forums, comment sections, etc. 

    the text was published one line at a time and the platform for that line was defined by a google search. it strted from the artist's facebook page. 

    every published line contained a link to the next one on another platform forming a live chain. 

    the chain had to be repeatedly patched and redirected, due to moderation of the posts and banning of the accounts which were used to post comments. They were also documented, along with an image of a parcel that the author had to order online to be able to post a comment on the amazon web site. However, even after receiving a parcel, the account wasn’t approved.

    the chain ceased to exist on April 3rd 2016, 4 weeks after the start of this project.