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  1. I was going to an artist residency, when my grandfather asked what does 'an artist residency' mean. I tried to explain, but my explanation didn't seem too convincing for him. So we agreed that he will do a residency together with me, choosing an activity and carrying it out for a duration of a month. Grandad likes to solve sudoku puzzles, which he calls 'Sudoka' and  says they keep his mind sharp. 

    When I came back to visit him again some months later, he presented me with piles of solved sudoku puzzles. He didn't keep the track of time, but just carried on solving them every day. He also wanted to cut them out of the news papers for my exhibitions. 

    This project is a collaboration with my grandfather, making work about him, the artworld, time, care and collecting. There is an archive of 216 sudoku puzzles that was brought back from his flat.